Planet Bedlam Release by Plaseebo x Jay222 (Aug 25)

PLASEEBO-PRESS: Plaseebo is most pleased to be able to offer this "Skulloctopus Bedlam" edition as a unique collaboration with the very talented JAY222. As you can see by the complexity and detail in these figures, this project has been in the works for many months. Jay really killed it, using the basic Skullo figure as his inspirational jumping off point to create all new characters that were lurking in his fertile mind.

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Available from the PLASEEBO web store in Wednesday August 25th ~ This is an Edition of 10 sets world wide. These are sets of 2 figures, one Bedlam Skulloctopus and one Linguistic Henchman in each set. All of the figures in these sets are hand built customs that incorporate the clear vinyl Skulloctopus figure parts in each. NO TWO OF THE CUSTOM FIGURES ARE ALIKE / EACH ONE IS UNIQUE IN BOTH HAND SCULPTING AND PAINT.

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The Planet Bedlam (copyright Bob Conge 2010)

Bedlam, the home planet of the Skulloctopus from outer space is located in sector J222 . This sector of our galaxy, located near the worm hole Plaseebo, is noted for its intense radiation storms and frequent meteor showers.

Bedlam is a world that far exceeds the classic tower of babel story. For here not only does each member of the species speak a different language, their are so many mutations of the basic genetic make up, that no two individuals look anything alike. Chaos rules here as each resident is in a world of his own, literally a land of eternal outcasts.

The residents of the planet Bedlam would be totally lost were it not for their Linguistic Henchmen. Each of the Bedlamites has their own interpreter who they adopt for a lifetime of service. These little guys, who come from one of the three moons orbiting Bedlam, are literally organic personal computers capable of spontaneous multilingual translation.