Exclusive Reveal: "Modular Kaijus" M5 Bravo & Stee-Gar by Jeff Lamm x Unbox Industries


With the personal joy of finally owning a Greasebat, it was a delight to find out brand new figures coming from Jeff Lamm (in the vein of his illustrations), and an even absolute delight when he decided to share with us (after badgering from me, of course) who the cycloptic M5 BRAVO and the winged STEE-GAR are!


There are two figures, each just over 6 inches tall and will be bagged with header. They will be released in limited paint schemes two at a time, for sale individually or together. Each figure is interchangeable with the other at the neck and waist. The actual figures are all white vinyl. (There will be an edition set aside with no paint for customizers at a later date.)


What had gotten me uber-excitable was that - storywise - both are actually enemies of Greasebat! (Check out an older gig poster above). M5Bravo is a rogue military recon robot/monster mix, genetically engineered to operate in all climates Stee-Gar was developed from pollution eating microbes that became self aware and is named after the scientists who created him, Doctor's Stephens & Garfield.

Developed and produced by Unbox Industries, these "modular kaiju" will be made available eventually through Jeff and other sources, with the expected first release in early-February. Interested folks could email greasebat@gmail.com with "mailing list" in the subject line. Also stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for further reveals and updates (once the go-ahead is given ;p).