Custom-Feature: Neighbour Joseph by Alexander Gürlich

Neighbour Joseph was a friendly fellow. He liked to go to his pub everyday and talk to his friends. Of course he did like the beer very much aswell.On weekends he went to his cottage and enjoyed fishing all day long. Besides he was a fabulous plumber. Then one day he came home late and had a few beers more than usual so he fell deeply asleep.

Nobody could wake him up. Not even the nearby chemical factory which blew up. Many of us escaped to the shelter but not Joseph. Later that night strange creatures creeped inside of his flat and while sleeping they bit him hardly. The next day when Joseph woke up he was already DEAD…

"Neighbour Joseph" is a 5.5" Bub custom by/Alexander Gürlich aka Fshizz. We last saw him as a white unpainted custom-sculpt, now resplendid with color, which shows the excellent detail of a missing slipper (gotta heart the slipper!), and as well an excellent taste in shorts! (Check out the TOYSREVIL-branded logo LOL ~ thanks Alex!)