VAMPY & Cosplay Snaps @ Jakarta 7th Toys & Comics Fair 2011

The question should not be whether I have "too many snaps of Vampy" posted here, but rather "what else have I missed posting"! (Loads, no doubt!). Linda Le aka "Vampy" was one of the judges for the recent weekend's Jakarta 7th Toys & Comics Fair 2011 [Really, she was] and we have here snaps of Day Two for when her judging powers came to play, as well her appearance complying Ms Marvel from the comicbooks! ("Carol Danvers" would be proud). As well, we have words from David "@tomat45" Tan with his commentary-4-11 on the evens unfolding!

[And why is Arno Fauzie on stage with Linda? Hhhmmm? *ENVY*]

DAVID TAN: "Day 2, she's one of the judge for cosplay competition ( his is the time i think she's the version of Paula Abdul on american idol, because of always make the contestant feel encouraged and happy) but as always there's a Simon too. I kinda hate it when he comment about Venom cosplay (yes Vampy, i kinda agreed with you, this is my fave too!).

Vampy also giving out her latest stuff, her brand new keychains to some lucky winners during small chat session on the stage."

DAVID TAN: "She's busy on day 2 for sure, but as i see, she's always in her best form (I bet the metal arounds you that makes that), even after overtime cosplay competition, she still managed to meet up with her fans and walk around with BLUE teeshirt bodyguards around them. The last time I see, she's gonna take a photo with Huge stormtrooper figure by lego, well, as not much time, hopefully i can see her again next time (of course with you, Andy!)."

[The Cosplay Competition Winner / Pics by @tomat45]

DAVID TAN: "Vampy is for sure bring a different 'atmosphere' on this year toy fair, i am sure there will be more 'vampy' lovers after this event and not to mention people who interested in cosplaying.....metal rules!"

More Vampy in Jakarta-images no doubt on her Facebook page!

[Here is a sampling of costly seen at the event / although they might not
all be for the competition / More Pics via Jeffry Burhan & @tomat45]


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