Event Images for Tarnished Daydreams by Doktor A @ Iksentrik (Exhibits thru April 30th)

Above is a video from the gents at Triclops Studio, which visited Iksentrik in Bath, UK over the weekend for Doktor A's solo show "Mr Whistlecraft's Tarnished Daydreams". Triclops blogged about their experience here, and as well shares their snaps for the event (which I have swiped and posted below as well). Folks are also suggested to add their event snaps to the new Tarnished Daydreams Flickr-group, made specifically to celebrate and document the show. Excellent looking all around!

[43 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

Ryan Coyle, owner of Iksentrik and organizer of the solo show adds: "It’s been the greatest honor to host the UK’s Best Artist’s work on his own home turf, and crikey did he not pull out all the stops! Tarnished Daydreams has been the best part of a year in the making for Doktor A and it shows in ever single aspect of how he’s displayed his work.

From the little details of random clock parts that are not for sale, to the tea stained muslin, every aspect has been meticulously thought out and the result is grand theatre that we all should be a part of.

With a passionate outlook on life and art, we as the general public can only but take a step back in awe of greatness. Without artists like Doktor A this art form wouldn’t exist."
[Read the full entry here]
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