Toy-Review: Cavy The Ham-Sters by Toy Architects


TOY-STORY: Back in the tail-end of October 2010, I was downed with Stroke, and had blogged about the situation on my blog, as I did not want folks to wonder about the lack of updates. With that announcement, a waterfall of generosity happened on the net focusing on my condition, for which I did not realize about much later, when I was more conscious and scanned thru the laptop (thank gawks for Wi-Fi-enabled hospital wards!). One such activity, was the production of TOYSREVIL-Edition Cavy The Ham-Sters by Germany-based Mathias Bax from ":Toy Architects".

And while I loathed to have my blog-logo utilized for commercial purposes without my permission, what Mathias' had done warmed my heart. [Mathias blogged about his intentions here].

Limited to 10 editions, the full-proceeds of the first 3 Hamsters and 30% of each additional figure were to be donated to me and my recovery. This edition was gifted to me while I was still in hospital (at SACH) and I have yet to open the pack actually. My humble and sincere thanks, Mathias!


Sold for US$15 per, the resin figures has since been sold out. The packaging shown here is pretty elaborate and quite adorable, with the 2.5" tall resin hamp-ster snuggled in his own "burrow" aka straw-nest (I dare not "wake" him LOL).

I have in the past procured a DIY-Cavy and a Neon Edition Cavy via his online shop, and recommend yo to do so as well. Not just because of his generosity towards me, but these are swell hand-made figurines with articulated arms, and uber-smooth to the touch. I hope to one day custom the DIY-version myself … but if you're not into crafts, you'd also do well with the GID-Edition of Cavy, priced utterly reasonably at US$12 (sans shipping).