TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Favouritest Must-See Anime Movies List (#7-#5)

Yesterday we saw a giant cat, a pair of back-alley-ruling orphans and a warrior princess taking the reins of TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Favouritest Must-See Anime Movies List (#10-#8) - and today we list #7-#5 anime-movies for your kind consideration and enjoyment! So how do you feel about mind-bending dreams, the ability to time-leap and killing vampire creatures? Read ON!

Favouritest Must-Watch Anime Movie #7: PAPRIKA
Directed by Satoshi Kon and made by Madhouse
Released in 2006 / Duration: 90 minutes.

WHY: While somewhat more high-concept compared to Tokyo Godfathers (I've yet to watch Perfect Blue tho, so this no doubt is biased and one-sided) but ultimately a Twilight-Zone mood perambulating throughout the entire film, with an unmistakable sense of Japanimation insanity in the air. And the fact that it could carry itself throughout, is fabulous a mind-trip as any. One of the most unique experiences you would have seen in this piece of modern animation!

I could not but agree with Justin Rudy of Dynomight NYC's description of the film: "It is an extraordinary example of creativity in its purest form. Highly recommended! " [Source]

Know that this may be the hardest in the list to embrace cerebrally and you may find yourself constantly doing double takes - but in lieu of further mental reaching, you will be rewarded with splendid visuals that prove once again, how Japanese animation triumphs thru it all, IMHO - particularly from the genius of the late Satoshi Kon. Paprika regained a new-found notoriety recently when it's story-essence was compared to director Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION! The techno-synth soundtrack was a surprising add, compared to the regular background pleasantries most animas offer.


ANIME-MOMENT: Basically near everything that is not based on "reality", really! But things come to a head when both dreams and reality have merged, and the dream parade walks thru the streets, and your basic classic giant robot mythos from childhood suddenly manifests itself = Sweet! [Read more on wiki]


While I highly doubt there is anything worth making into a toy from this film, a quick google made me instantly wrong with this offering from UART: a 1/6 Scale Resin Statue of Paprika spotted on Amazon!

[Opening Credits of Paprika]

Favouritest Must-Watch Anime Movie #6: THE GIRL WHO LEAPT THROUGH TIME
Directed by Mamoru Hosoda (who subsequently did "Summer Wars" in 2009) and made by Madhouse
Released in: 2006 / Duration: 98 minutes.

WHY: The sheer charm of the story and the protagonist (also a girl) had me smiling like a sentimental soppy-man (which I am, I admit) when the credits rolled at the end (and yes, there was even "tears" prior). At times banal and at times thoroughly heartwarming, this is one for the ages, and looks least like an anime and more like a "real-world" story, and is most similar to feel to "regular" anime offerings than specifically done for a feature film, IMHO.

What it lacked in epic visual-scope, it more than pays off with it's story and seeming sincerity in story-telling. Eternal love and sacrifice might not be the final result of the day, but the intention was heartwarming, especially coming from an animated cartoon. As emotionally stirring as most live-action films claim to be, this was a shoulder above most - with a swell tinge of time-travel! I remember sitting up and sobbing tearing my man-eyes out, one fine moon-crested morning, as the credits rolled on this sleeper. Glorious.


ANIME-MOMENT: When Makoto confronts Chiaki about her ability, and learns the truth about what was never meant to be. The roundabout time-cycle is not effective, as were the emotions that came along with it …. *man-sob* - quick! pass me a tissue!


The character design and premise for this movie is so straight forward, there hardly is any room to make toys out of the movie -EXCEPT for this adorable Makoto Konno figure from Pinky Street! (Hey, if ever I show you my Pinky:Street collection, you'd fall off your rockers lol) I love it that it came with her bag with cutesy ornaments! "kitsze" from shows off closeups of her :)

They even made a live-action adaptation of this film released in 2010 - to which I have not seen, and somehow fear to - as some animes are meant to be, and not to be adapted again (that is also another brand new Top Ten Lists! lol) - as evident from the next movie in line…..

[This is the 2010 "Live Action" version of the movie / gawds but Chiaki is deplorable!]

Favouritest Must-Watch Anime Movie #5: Blood: The Last Vampire
Directed by Hiroyuki Kitakubo and produced by Production I.G.
Released: 2000 / Duration: 50 minutes.

WHY: Looking back, it does not look as swell as it did, nor was it a spectacularly pretty visuals, all those years ago. But it was a concept and execution which brought about the maniacal lore of vampirism to the modern age (as much as Blade had attempted to) ala the way of the Japanese. It wasn't fantastical animation that amazed (well, it was "then" lol) - but rather it was a fantastical concept brought to life - which then led to an animated series "Blood+" (decent but a good concept stretched far too long) and a live-action film in 2009 (horrid, truth be told - I could not even finish the film). But one look at the movie, and you will know the term "kickass" also meant the name "Saya" :)

The usage of English-language for the filmlet no doubt was to bring in the West viewers, and frankly diluted somewhat the notion of the film (everybody feels like their taking turns to talk, instead of engaging in dialogue) - but the exploration of digital animation and CG-renders helped Production I.G. unto a whole new world and visual playing ground, and our anime-loving lives are enriched by it, even if at times this may feel like a "vanity" showreel now, compared to current staples.


ANIME-MOMENT: Saya confronting creatures of the night on-board the subway - moments a plenty when you realize that it is an animated filmlet you are actually viewing, and not "real-life"… [Read more on wiki]

DISCLAIMER: I had actually considered hard about adding this anime to the list, as it is more short-form content compared to a full-length feature (pass 60 minutes). As well I am unsure if this ever saw a theatrical release here - but in the end, it's importance in the evolution of the genre by far outweighed it's relevance in terms of length, IMHO.


How does a notion of an adult vampire-killer dressed in school girl fineries while brandishing a katana NOT make an awesome cool action figure? And surprisingly, an articulated 1/6-scaled figure was actually made - a decade later, by "Crazy Owners", and named "Blood Evolution X" (which essentially means it is not licensed officially, and probably due to the live action feature film debut ;p). Images spotted on Sideshow Freaks - and I'd recommend you google around for decent pricing :)