Daily Wrap-Up: May 15th 2011 on TOYSREVIL = Superhero-Sunday!

[Click above image for 20 blogposts - Don't Miss Them All!]

In any "regular" circumstance, I would balk at the idea of 20 x blogposts on a Sunday - because there simply are not so much readers on a Sunday (but the effort is never unjustified, IMHO). But today was different. Today I got to geek out, for both myself and for folks who care to read about Superheroes! Today was SUPERHERO-SUNDAY!

Unlike my other themed bloggery-notions, there was insanely very little prep-time for this cycle, having only the notion spurt-out on Friday night while viewing a post on the finale of Smallville, I knew I had wanted to do a homage to Superheroes and Villains on Sunday - and I had less than a day to pull readable things out of the hat, and pull it all together for a cohesive read for folks who visit my blog.

The collective posts (19 in all, sans one Drawing Cumulus-feature) you see before you, were mostly the result of readers contribution to my "Call For Action" (on Facebook and Twitter). Bearing in mind the timezone difference and the lack of general online activity on a weekend, I knew I had my work cutout for me. But I am thankful my awesome readers pulled through = YOU FOLKS ROCK!

Preparation was smoother than expected, content was forthcoming and images were key, and at the end I had to lay them out on a basic half-hour publishing schedule (which offered me a swell afternoon nap in-between ;p). Authoring them was a breeze, as I had a personal passion for comicbooks, and well, it was an opportunity to geekout (without being too cheesy - hey, I held back loads of cheese here, folks! LOL) and I am grateful I can, and have "accomplices" too :)

While this is a planned one-off homage day of bloggery, I would not necessarily rule out a regular occurrence of this theme on the blog (Mike mentioned "annual" hhhmmm), but I have other ideas awaiting fruition to come, so perhaps someothertimesoon I may revisit this theme. But do not stop sending in your submissions tho! Glad to see there are folks who are keen to contribute, and it doesn't necessarily need to "sell" anything ... Here's looking forward to more themes to come!