FAQ for Drawing Cumulus

The final dateline for submissions of DRAWING CUMULUS is coming up real quick on June 3rd, 2011, with entries coming in before 11:59pm being eligible for the competition (and that is based on +8 GMT Singapore-time - remember that - refer to the clock on menu-left and you will not be wrong). This I will stick by very strictly, so no misunderstandings will be entertained, thanks for understanding!

With slightly a week to go, perhaps I'll share with you folks some FAQs regarding the contest, based on email correspondense I have received thus far.

QTN: I have submitted my drawings but do not see them being featured on the blog? What happened?

ANS: All images (and only with complete text Q&As) have been queued up to be posted at one-each-a-day basis. There are more entries than given days until the dateline (thanks everyone!) and your submissions do not turn up immediately after you emailed over, it is simply because they are cued up to be posted. June 3rd looks to be an entire day of Drawing Cumulus entries too!

Posting or being featured on this blog is NOT a requirement of this competition, nor is it a guaranteed situation. As mentioned before: "There might be a chance to feature you and your submissions as the contest goes on (but this is NOT written in stone!)" -Thank you for understanding. Please do not ask me whether I am posting your entry or not, it is the same as asking if you have a chance to win or not - both of which I will not entertain, thanks! LOL

QTN: I never heard from you, and am unsure my entries have been received.

ANS: No, I do not reply to individual emails with submissions, as I want to be impartial to the entries. Seems I might have been in error with that approach, as I could have simply said "Thank you for your submission". For this I apologize to those who have felt slighted at this lack of online interaction, as that was never the case.

To double check if your entry has been received and submitted - it is a much better chance to check out this Flickr-group @ http://www.flickr.com/groups/drawingcumulus/. I try to update them as soon as I receive them. If you do not see it in the group, wait a little bit and check again, or resend if you are unsure..


QTN: Can I submit entries that feature other characters other than Inspector Cumulus?

ANS: This is an illustration competition based on the character "Inspector Cumulus" as created by Jonathan Edward, with the focus mainly on Cumulus. But I never did say this was purely a "pin-up art" competition, isn't it?

(Aside: Be absolutely aware of copyright infringement though. The character "Inspector Cumulus" is utilized here because the creator had given permission to utilize his character specifically for this competition only).

QTN: Can I submit entries that are more than just illustrations?

ANS: This is predominately an illustration competition. There have been entries that are pure photography and photo-manipulation (which is not the focus of the competition and is considered void, although they look awesome) and some which are partial photographed-and-drawn (which in essence covers the loophole for the prior situation lol). So no, nothing other than illustration (by hand or by computer) will be considered for competition requirements and eventual judging.

QTN: Can I submit more than ONE entry?

ANS: Yes! The competition specifically mentions that each person is allowed TWO entries! So get cracking, the dateline is coming up, and quick!

- DRAWING CUMULUS Illustration Competition: Details & Prizes HERE.
- Flickr-group www.flickr.com/groups/drawingcumulus
- Click HERE for Drawing Cumulus Entries on TOYSREVIL
- Dateline for Submissions on June 3rd, 2011 = Today! With less than 9 hours left to go!