The Origin of Drawing Cumulus

[Above illo by Christian Nauck]

The notion to do an illustration contest featuring the fictional character "Inspector Cumulus", has it's seed planted first with seeing a variety of illustrations for the smoke-cloud-headed persona being posted on it's creator, Jonathan Edward's blog (for which I have reposted here).

They were interpreted by Jonathan's friends, with the initial aim to help promote the coming of his toy - produced and manufactured by Crazy Label. Neither was commissioned, it seems, and I thought "what a swell sense of camaraderie!" ~That, and I have always had a personal love for illustrations (an earlier illo-contest being the Combat-R-Zero Fan-art Contest in 2008 / <>Dedicated Blog) and the visual concept of a drawing interpreting a toy (or visa versa) is irresistible for me personally (Or in my warped lil corner of my mindscape, if I cannot own the toy, I could draw it instead lol)

bennioncumulus 5535651112_67fd543446_o
[Above-left: Jason Bennion / Above-right: Joe List]
Inspector Cumulus e63si
[Above-left: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell / Above-right: Stuart Linfield]

As a task-orientated competition, it is harder to get folks involved - than a "giveaway contest", as it requires folks actually "working" for a submission, rather than just click a "Like" or leave behind a sentence of words or their email address behind (which doesn't mean I don't like giveaway contests - I love them! lol). But to me, the results of seeing swell artworks, by far outweighs the need to get the blog-hits a'pumpin' (at least for me), and is worth the effort in the long run - to see a tangible product produced - be it a drawing a doodle a sketch a painting, or even a custom toy. But this is a specific drawing competition, with three top prizes to be had, and hopefully a series of imagery worthy of attention, whether you are a toy-lover or an appreciator of art or design.

259653364 photo-995x1024
[Above-left: Laurie Pink / Above-right: Dan Berry]

Time and effort (and perhaps material costs) spent in showcasing your skills and craft - versus the cost of producing a quantity of toys in a factory - is a no-brainer form of self-promo to me LOL

And as much as this blog is known primarily for "toys", it too includes visually stunning imagery - for both serve as "eye-candy" when seen online anyways, don't they?

I really hope to see what YOU have in store for us to see here! You have about a month to get it going LOL

- Competition Details & Prizes for DRAWING CUMULUS here :)
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