Designing GupGups Feature with design by Guillermo Perez

guillermo perez-CAPITAN

GUPGUPS-STORY: 'Captain Nuts: Nuts is a strong, mighty and such a barbarian of the seven chocolate seas. He is a candy lover, and chocolate it’s his ultimate passion, so he will do anything to find the cocoa thunder island. 

The Dead Sea witch, told him to follow the signs tattooed in his skin, ‘cause they can reveal the path of the endless waterfall and follow the course of the crunchy peanut man. An ancient man who carry the 2 seals of cookies. Captain nuts and his wood leg , are ready for really sweet adventure.'

- This Designing GupGups Submission is from Guillermo Perez
- Completed for the DesigningGupGups Competition [DETAILS]
- DesigningGupGups Flickr-group
- Dateline for submissions is June 20th, 2011 @ 23:59hrs (+8 GMT Singapore-time).


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