Sensei Cat by Morgan Gleave and TOYSREVIL-Exclusive Papertoy

We've seen an illustration of it being featured before, and today TOYSREVIL is proud to present SENSEI CAT, as a TOYSREVIL-exclusive Papertoy! Time to get your Zen-on, folks!


From UK-based Morgan Gleave of ANYWERE, we have a 2-page PDF for you papercraft-lovers to download HERE for free to make your own Sensei Cat (with mini-cloud-dio, no less), as well a peek at another illo by Morgan of the revered cat (above-left). And here's a little background to add to the mix:
"I've always loved Eastern style, religion and mythology.  My favourite programme on TV when I was little was 'The Water Margin', and I was lucky to have Chinese friends, with whom I celebrated Chinese New Year as a kid... great times!  When the Tsunami hit Japan, I was devasted too, as the affinity with the Far East has always been there for me."

TRE-Sensei-Cat-02 TRE-Sensei-Cat-03

"Sensei Cat is a reaction to the troubled times Japan is facing, a tip of the hat to the calmness and serenity of Buddhism, and a reminder of what the East can offer us." ~Morgan

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