Preview Customs for Beware Of Tall Grass Show @ Kidrobot London


The Beware Tall Grass show launches this Friday at Kidrobot London [blogged], and with that we have a few preview images of arcade-game-themed customs to gawk at - starting with the above works from PodgyPanda and Jon-Paul Kaiser, and that bowl of nom-noms from Matt Lunartik JOnes (*ack* to eat, wondrous to look at lol). As well check out A Little Stranger's "Taxiderm-eevee" character shown below (Can you recognize the "original" cutie it is inspired by?)


"Over half a metre tall, Taxiderm-eevee is a one-off piece of rogue taxidermy, made form scratch using wood, faux furs, wire and acrylic. All his fur has been trimmed and painted by hand to give a realistic finish. No Eevee's were harmed in the making of this piece. Priced at £160 - Taxiderm-eevee will be for sale at the Beware the Tall Grass Show this friday at KR london. Curated by Elliott Fade aka Fadeworks, this looks to be extremely cool show to be had, IMHO!

'Imagine if our favourite Japanese characters were real and lived among us? Taxiderm-eevee is a piece of rogue taxidermy, exploring what it would be like if one of my favourite characters, Eevee, were a real animal that had been captured and preserved for future generations. Imagine what we could learn from this fascinating creature!'
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