LEGO x S7 Concept Prototypes from Toby Dutkiewicz


Toby Dutkiewicz (who created Keek The Saddest Devil, and as well works for LEGO) exclusively shares with us exceptional and inspirational imagery - of art toys crossing over with LEGO - with the 'trick' being, these are 'prototypes' with no predetermined plans to manifest unto production figures! I seriously wish they would tho! This would be THE platform and characters to bridge the divide between mass and niche, IMHO. Ah hell, they simply look awesome!

[8 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]
"I recently work on pitching these as a concept at work. Although the idea is in line with 1000's of others I thought I would share the pictures with you. Brian of Super 7 donate the vinyl toys to me and had the resin heads made and I assembled and painted the mini-figures and came up with the concept … I have no idea if this collaboration will ever truly happen but it was fun to concept and work on. Enjoy." ~shares Toby.


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