WIP of Manotaur (in Wax) by Rampage Toys

Manotaur WAX!

From RAMPAGE Toys x Imps and Monsters comes the MANOTAUR sofubi! A 8-inch tall figurine sculpted by Justin Hillgrove (of Imps and Monsters) with the toy being made in Japan, and releases painted by Jon of RAMPAGE.

The official release is scheduled for the weekend of Emerald City Comic Con - Seattle's Comic Con - starting March 29th. There will be blanks up first, and a really small batch of RAMPAGE handpaints as well. After the event, anything left will go in the Imps and Monster's site. Blanks will retail for $65 - painted versions pricing TBD.

I am quite liking this sculpt and character design, and can only hope I am able to afford one when the time comes. The initial colored drawing of the Manotaur perhaps give a guide to a colorway to come:

"The Manotaur roams the world in search of something he can’t quite remember. In fact, ever since he invited that fire spirit into his head he’s had trouble concentrating on little other than catering to his countless neuroses and consuming anything with the word “gummy” in the description. In any case, he’s pretty sure he’s forgetting something really important…"