CE Contest II Final Battle Plans

While this particular content might be geared specifically towards the contestants for the upcoming CE Contest 2 Final Battle - happening "live" in Bangkok, Thailand (March 29-31st), I thought to share this with you all - my dear readers - for you to have an idea about what will be going on for the 5 International Artists + 5 Thailand Artists/Designers, and perhaps help solicit a little "online help" for your fav artists, when "the time comes"… READ-ON!


The main CONCEPT for the contest (as blogged) is: "Creative Commercial Crossover with Fully through the line Marketing Mix".

CHALLENGE+TEAM: Contestants will have to do a Creative product set + Commercialize your design works + Crossover work with your team. Each team will have 7 members, inclusive of:

1. 1 x Thai Professional Designer as a host team partner
2. 1 x International Designer as a guest team partner
3. 5 Students from a participate campus as an assistant team

Each team have to working together as a team like you own a creative production company which have to promote your own Brand x Client's Brand and design & custom a product set for your client. The topic will only be provided to contestants on the morning of March 29, direct from the client.


CHALLENGE TIMELINE: Each team have to follow this:

A) Before March 25th:

1. Create a paper back card for DIY CE toy package standard size

2. Create a poster to decorate your working room.
(both free style, via an AI file with predetermined size to be provided by the organizers)

B) March 28th (set up night) or March 29th:

1. Get the brief from each team's client for the main topic for a product set design & custom. Each team must finish their works and ready to present to the judge panel visit on March 31st.

2. Pricing each team's CE DIY toy with paper back designed by themselves for sale to people in the event (from A) (Price not under 250 Thai Baht and Street price 250-190 Thai Baht)

3. Promote your brand online & offline.


ADDITIONAL TASKS: 3.1. Decorate your working room together with both of Designer's Brand & Client's Brand atmosphere/environment.

ONLINE: There will be an album online for each team with updated photos everyday and allow people vote by clicking "LIKE" on each team's album.

OFFLINE: Audiences who come in the Final Battle Forum will be asked to vote for their favorite team.


And so this is the Battle Plan to be had! Are you folks ready to battle it out in the arena of toy and product design? "LIVE" amidst curious eyeballs and the general public? SHALL WE BEGIN? :)