Custom-Feature: The Enemy Within - My Little Pony by Zombiemonkie

From Mikie Graham aka Zombiemonkie we have a swell look at his entry into the Hasbro custom My Little Pony show for Sweet Streets @ Toy Art Gallery (May 5th launch), titled "The Enemy Within"! Anyone who does not recognize this Trojan Horse replica needs to go read their classics lol

"Because I was specifically doing this custom for Blamo I wanted to find a way to merge both of our styles. By combining the use of natural wood, sculptural re configuration, and the tongue in cheek use of Playmobil soldiers I feel that I have done just that!

To create my custom I used over 400 individual mini wooden boards cut from doll house flooring that I found at my local craft store. I then adhered the wood strips to the vinyl pony using a combination of several glues and the use of over 200 tiny brass nails that you can see ornately decorating the outside of the figure."
~mentioned Mikie about his creation.
"Since this was a Mega pony I tried to packed it with as much detail as possible. Highlights include 2 scale accurate Playmobil soldiers visible through the pony's eyes, a hand sculpted tail and mane, and 4 functioning wooden wheels. If you look closely you can even see a tiny hidden door in the horses belly, with which the soldiers inside will escape their wooden decoy once safely within the walls of Troy!" ~added Mikie.
MLP-show zombiemonkie-mlp-03