Custom-Feature: Fizzul Dunny by Hausofboz (April 26-sale)

"Fizzul, friend of the mushrooms, spends most of his time kicking caterpillars off the tops of his precious mushrooms, and poking intrusive mice with sticks, on the forest floor."

"I've been spending a serious amount of studio time working with my lovely other half Laura lately, she's been impressing me massively with some super sweet customs. This cute little one goes on sale tomorrow night at 8pm at Show some support, she's gonna be big!" ~mentioned Squink!
And looking at the custom-Dunny, it is an understatement! And if you've seen her previous release (Named "GOOLE") posted below, you can bet this is not just a "one-off-wonder", IMHO! Priced at £49.95, "Fizzul" the customed 3-inch Dunny by Loz Boz will be made available April 26th @ 8pm GMT +1 (DST)!



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