'Best Character Design' for The Avengers Movie (#SPOILER WARNING)

Instead of a straight-up single Movie Review for The Avengers, I'm going to 'nominate' and 'award' a series of scenes for the movie, which in all attempts and purposes, will include **MINOR SPOILERS** = SO BE WARNED!

Yesterday we had a pretty rousing response for 'Worst Character Design', today we step back into the sunshine with the Short-Listed candidates for 'Best Character Design':


Nominee #1: LOKI

WHY: Acutely-smarmy, arrogant, slimy and charmingly-putrid, the character of Loki chewed the scenes he was in, and looked visually cool to boot too!

Much effort had gone into providing him with the proper vestments a demigod of his stature allows, and by far out-dresses anyone in the movie! From armored warrior-wannabe, to dandy-dresser - Loki strutted thru the film looking all spiffy and splendid! And did he start a new style-trend with slicked-back long hair? LOL

[Above strip from 9gag.com]

I also relished the fact that he embraced and worn his horned helmet amidst the puny mortals "meant to be ruled over", unlike his half-brother Thor, who must've dropped his helm while transversing dimensions across the Rainbow Bridge to reach Migard… heh. Kudos to costume designer Alexandra Byrne for making Tom Hiddleston look better than anyone else in this movie! (I can nearly forgive her for making these guys look insipid tho ;p).


Nominee #1: DR. BRUCE BANNER

Nominee #2: I loved the scruffy-look of the Doctor on-the-lam, and the purple shirt was a hilarious nod to his signature shredded purple-pants seen in the comicbooks! That shirt alone got him this placing LOL

But of course it is not just the color of the shirt, but also the slightly buffed bod (which showed that he could take care of himself) versus the skinny dude we've been seeing on movies and comicbooks before, and peppered hair who would have benefitted with a rousing course of shampoo/conditioner (which really brought the man-on-the-run notion to the fore).

But who knew "under-dressing" could make a character that more interesting and attention-grabbing? And yeh, the actor "helped" too … snigger …



WHY: That the Hulk still retained the facial likeness of Mark Ruffalo as Dr Bruce Banner, was a slice of genius. Suddenly, he had "personality", and the added chest hair was also a stroke of brill, and made the gamma-goliath a humanoid-monster a favourite, IMHO. Goes hand-in-hand with me awarding him 'Best On-Screen Character' - and if that makes me 'biased'? So be it :)