Reviewing Re-Venture (Part 2 of 2) #RVHK2012

Now we've heard from a trio of Hong Kong-based fans yesterday, today I feature a round of quick Q&As with another three fellows, who had attended the 3A Toys' Re-Venture event last weekend! Featuring David Tan of Filmoo from Indonesia (who provided us with a "live' coverage of the first night / nick on the forums is 'DavidTheKiller'), Winston Leong from Singapore (now working in Hong Kong, and a quasi-first-timer to the world of 3A Toys, actually), and a collector who chose to remain "Anonymous" for this Q&A. Onwards!

TOYSREVIL: Which days did you go for RVHK? And what is your impression of the event/s?

DAVID THE KILLER: Sadly, I only went to the opening party, I wish I could have gone to the signing session on sunday, but due to time conflict meeting some friends, I only came on first day.

My impression is awesome. The place is very crowded, too crowded, but love to see many legions from around the world and definitely seeing Ashley Wood is one of the best moment. To be honest when I came, the first thing I look (for) is him.

WINSTON LEONG: So far just on Sun 29/4. Am planning to go again if I can afford the time before it ends. My impression of it was very good. Great space, nice layout. Am sad I am unable to attend the opening night as I wasn't invited hence missing out on seeing some of the pieces that appeared that night only. I really loved the mix of Art vs Toys and totally dig the paintings... AMAZING!

ANONYMOUS: I went on Sat 28th April in the afternoon. All the initial rush have been over, so it was very pleasant to go around the room to see all the impressive artworks, then extra large figures and finally all the new up&coming releases. Overall a great show!


TOYSREVIL: What was the most impressive display at the event, for you personally? And why?

ANONYMOUS: Although I am into toys but Ashley's paintings have always been the most impressive for me. In fact I couldn't get enough of both of his WWR & Popbot paintings and sketches.

DAVID THE KILLER: The paintings of Ashley Wood, I know we've seen some from the toys' packaging, but seeing in person on the real paintings even in close up is definitely great. Hope one day, I can buy one of the paintings...:).

As for the toys, I am a big fan of Real Steel, so the prototype of Atom is a steal of the show.

WINSTON LEONG: ALL THE PAINTINGS + The Sculpt "Solid Gold Death Mask" AMAZING! This is my first time seeing 3A stuff as a collection and I must say I am in awe of the quality and the overall feel and such...


TOYSREVIL: Have you been to previous events like this from 3A Toys? Any preference or comparisons? Anything you felt could be improved for the following year?

ANONYMOUS: I have not been to any previous event but this is as good as any similar shows I've been to. I wish that they would have made more TK masks for the fans to buy.

WINSTON LEONG: No. The only toy related exhibition I have been to would be Taipei Toy Festival (Which I have been to 2 times in the previous 2 years). I am guessing they should allow for more non members to get their hands on their toys? Its like being able to own a piece of art without it being overtly expensive...

DAVID THE KILLER: The events that maybe I can compare is STGCC, it's a bit different but that what I can think of. I love paintings and everything about 3A, so I would love to see more in the future (maybe the place that a bit far from public transport is a bit problems, but anyhow I got to see 3A headquarters, which is fine).


DAVID THE KILLER: The biggest problem is definitely picking up the toys (that we already paid for), the queue opens at 9.30pm and the line is like very long up to 8th floor, the pick up point is 2nd floor, some of my friends were there until 2am, the problems could be the time for us to pick up sizes of the tees that never been informed before and also the designs of the tees, the checking of our identifications might be a bit of problems, I mean it requires some time as well.


TOYSREVIL: Did you purchase any exclusive toys? Which is your SINGLE favouritest purchase rom RVHK, and why?

DAVID THE KILLER: I bought Set C which is everything LOL! I am a fan of Tomorrow King, so this one is my favourite, I was hoping 3A didn't do any 'random' but I respect their rule and everything.

ANONYMOUS: I purchased the full set of releases as a 3AA member pre-order, and picked them up from the show. I am a big fan of the Popbot ladies but I am most impressive with the WWRp Squares Mk2 set this time. The details remain great in their miniature sizes and look great together.

WINSTON LEONG: No Exclusive toy... Didn't have time to go queue and wasn't really my style to begin with... I did buy a Bambaboss as it was slightly more stylized and more in line with what I normally collect... Was considering getting the art books as well.. but... a lil tight on the pocket...


[All images here via Winston Leong / except 'Old Guard TKs' from Pansy Chan]

Anonymous's Disclaimer: "life has been busy in HK so I no longer have the patience or time to go back multiple times and queue for special events. My impressive from the show is from just a brief half an hour visit."

FYI: This is a personal initiative of mine and not done as a 'survey' for 3A Toys.