Fungus Amungus by Joshua Herbolsheimer @ Rotofugi (June 1-24)


'Fungus Amungus' - features paintings by Joshua Herbolsheimer are now on display at Rotofugi Gallery, with an online preview showcasing decapitated heads and multi-textural visual aesthetics - a small selection of imagery of which is posted here. Kaiju-fans associated with Super7 would perhaps find this endearing (I have not checked the Skullbrain forum otherwise) but they look intriguing to me. FUNGUES AMUNGUS exhibits from June 1 thru to the 24th, 2012.

For me, the vision of DC Comics' Metamorpho constantly popped into mind, which I reckon is not a bad thing, considering I could somehow still 'relate' to his art, besides 'just' liking the visual aesthetics lol


What is also available from Rotofugi from June 1st at the launch (any remaining goes online on June 4th), is an exclusive edition of EARTH WOLF from Medicom Toy - with this edition standing 10 inches tall and priced at US$150 each. No quantities mentioned tho. More images via
About the Artist: Joshua Herbolsheimer grew up on Eternia, fighting alongside the Mighty Skeletor against the villainous He-Man and his evil thugs. During the height of battle, he attempted to transform into an 18-Wheeler, but ended up becoming a human adult. After a brief period of real-life, he fell through a Warp Zone into San Francisco, California, where he currently creates toys and t-shirts at Super7, and spends his free time hiking through the woods and riding his bicycle. This will be Josh's first exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery.


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