Reviewing the 3AA 2012 Package from 3A Toys


Received my 3AA membership package today, within a box that is no doubt not worth keeping for but for the numerous postage-stickers directly on top of it. But we're not interested in the box are we (so I try to convince myself) but rather what's "inside" that counts. Let's have a peek inside, shall we?


The box holds a catalog-booklet of 3A Toys, and a black bag with the membership card tied to the strap. There's also the hat to be had - and what swell embroidery too! And inside the bag itself, is the F-LEGION 1/6th scaled figure from their 'Adventure Kartel'-line. Dude will be getting the individual-feature treatment at a later date, so chillax :)


Utilitarian at best, and no doubt both the bag and cap are for hardcore fans to wear and showcase. The package itself is a actually quite disappointing, compared to the whiz-bang of previous 3 years' (2011 / 2010 / 2009), but perhaps the glamor and joy of unboxing an 'exclusive' membership package is not the priority now, compared to the goodies it now contains inside. Or perhaps they are trying to "mix it up" and offer folks an alternative to what is expected from the past. Pity, I was really looking forward to a swish box/packaging ala the past releases - something to make all this feel like I am a "member" of something swish and elite, but perhaps I have been barking up the wrong toy-tree.


Nevertheless, do check out more images of this deboxing HERE on my FB-album, and as well if you are interested to procure the hat and bag (I'll even ship it in the box it came in) - do email me direct with your paypal address, so I can invoice you for US$120 (inclusive of shipping anywhere in the world / Singapore-peeps to enquire otherwise).

Note that the 3AA-membership package this year cost US$180, compared to the previous' years of US$150. Ordering has since closed, so if you're interested to snag it, there's always next year! (Not including snagging yourselves the cap and bag from me tho ;p)


Collin David said…
It sucks that this is a bag that no one with any modicum of respect for those around them could actually use in public. I like nudie art as much as the next person, but to wear it? Tasteless. I'll be selling mine, too.