Shadow Friend Dunny by Angry Woebots x Kidrobot / Pre-Release and Signing Tour


Since my earlier tease, Kidrobot has finally unveiled the 8 inch SHADOW FRIEND Dunny from Aaron Martin of Angry Woebots. Limited to only 1250 and with a SRP of US$75, look for them from December 6th, 2012. As well Aaron will be doing a Signing and PRE-Release tour at KR venues, starting with KRLA on Dec 5 (6-8pm), KR SF on Dec 6 (6-8pm)

'Inspired by his 3-inch 2Tone Dunny, this is a darker version of his iconic stressed out giant panda. Showing off its latest catch of speared fish, the 8-inch Shadow Friend Dunny intimidates with hot pink beady eyes and a one-fanged snarl. Representing the number of Giant Pandas left in the wild, 1000 Deep is printed on the back of Dunny’s head, and black skull printed on its chest, a symbol of the species struggle to stay alive.'
(Cheers for the headsup, HaynMade!)


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