Zombie Art Project 2: Ghoul School in Zombie Monkie

classroom wide
"Forced by their parents to attend class even after the change, these students have decided to take out their grade school angst on their poor unsuspecting teacher. Lucky for all involved she can no longer feel pain.

Where did little Billy disappear to? And what's that moving over in the corner? It looks like the loveable class pet "Lumpy" has found yet another unsuspecting meal. Basic education has just got a whole lot more base."
Classroom CU5 Classroom CU6 x1 Classroom CU2
Classroom CU3 x1 Classroom CU4 Classroom CU1

"Ghoul School" is a custom Playmobil set by Zombie Monkie and is part of his ZOMBIE ART PROJECT 2 [Tagged on TOYSREVIL] in anticipation of Mikie's very first solo show "The Return of the Zombie Art Project" opening 11/24/12 at Toy Art Gallery Los Angeles. Class in Session, kids!


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