Day 1 of 1/6 Michael Jordan Launch by ENTERBAY


Today January 26th is the launch of ENTERBAY's MICHAEL JORDAN in 1/6th-scale [Peep purchasing details HERE] and while I might not have any "live" event pics to share, besides the apparently 1000-strong queue lines shown above (complete with police on site too lol) @ Woodhouse Shopping Mall (#36-44 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong), I share with you folks below a select few images that might help fuel your desire for the hyper-real looking figure! I am just thankful Jordan is outside of my collecting sphere, and am bringing you tees images relatively "stress-free" LOL


Do note that the SRP was pegged at HK$2188 per (approx US$282) limited to 2000 pieces. The exclusive "Limited Editions" is the inclusion of (1) Chicago Bulls team warm up suit, and (2) A pair of Air Jordan 10-sneakers with White/Black/True Red "Bulls Colorway". A limited amount of figures will be released daily starting Jan 26 thru to Feb 2nd, with buyers selected by lottery numbers. Check out this link for schedule.


(Additional images via Mark OSR Below image of MJ-exhibition via Danny Chan)



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