Mighty Jaxx Memberships & The Reveal of Hug The Killer


Local brand Mighty Jaxx is offering up "Subscriptions", whereby the aim is to help fund the rental of their new premises.

Prices range from a "Level 1: Online Subscriber" for US$5, to a "Level 4: *Early Bird* Hug the Killer" (revealed above-left) priced at an extremely affordable US$55 for a 4″ original Hug the Killer by Nikopicto, Limited Edition of 300 (10% off retail price), or go up to "Level 7: Mighty Jaxx Junior Membership" - where the reward is a 1 X Glow-in-the-dark GID Bad Apple by GOIN (above-right), Limited to 30 sets only, Level Price is US$200.

The "ultimate" Reward Level is #10: Mighty Jaxx VIP Membership. Price is US$10,000 and space is limited to only 1 person, whereby he/she will receive all Mighty Jaxx Releases and Colour ways (1 year, currently 7 original figures planned for 2013), 15% off all items from MJ online store (1 year), Able to follow the progress of our project, AND be flown in for a visit (inclusive acclamation once their new space is ready).

Not only that, but you'll be able to create your own colourway of the figure of your choice, name it after you and sell it worldwide. Don't dally about your decisions tho, for memberships close after 04/02/2013.

Read more about the Reward Levels here, and find out WHY this is happening here.

Shown above is a clear photo of the final production
Bad Apple (Listed in Top Ten Toys of 2013).
The grenade comes with a metal ring and it is removable!