'Year of The Snake' from Jay E Moores

"Near Moab Utah there are several spots with ancient rock and cave art. The Barrier Style Pictographs at Sego Canyon are my favorites because they are so space agey. They all look like moon men and astronauts with the round helmets and antennae. This snake dancer is inspired by the central Barrier Style mural at Sego Canyon, which is thought to be 6000 years old or older.

I made this resin toy after a recent visit to Thompson Springs and Sego Canyon. I wanted to be able to hold these characters in my hand. Bring these forgotten North American Spirits into my life. Snake Dancers like this often appear near rivers and water sources. The canyon fills fast during flash floods from the Green River that is near by. It can rain up river and over flow into the canyon. I've seen news video of a 30 foot wall of water that sweeps jeeps and vans away at this spot. Maybe Snake Dancer warns that you are in dangerous territory, and not a safe place to camp out for the night."
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