DC Comics Mystery Minis from Funko


Funko's "Mystery Mini Blind Box Figures" has a new series coming out April 24th, and they are titled "DC Comics Mystery Minis" - featuring the Batman family of characters - from both Classic DC and Movie DC. Am pretty liking the figures I see here - looking much like they've been "Disney-fied" LOL - IMHO, anyways ... Hope to be able to get a crack at scoring some of these tho … These sized 2.5" Mystery Minis include:

- 3 Superheroes (Batman, Dark Knight Batman, Bat Girl)
- 3 Valiant Poses
- 5 Super Villains (Joker, DK Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman)
- 1-3 Menacing Poses
- 24 piece Counter Display.



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