Wall Mural Update for 'The Rojak Rendezvous' @ The Substation (Day 1)


Plagued by an unexpected Thursday afternoon rain-pour, (The) Rojak Rendezvous [Blogged / Facebook Events] started a little late today, with the planned wall for live mural whitewashed before the sun set for the day tho, and ready to be rocked by the RSCLS and KA’a!

See the wall mural posted above? It's the BEFORE snap (Check out the images posted in THIS Facebook album of the wall before the white-out … Mind you, the previous mural before was done by RSCLS themselves as well), and below is the white-washed result! :)


And if you intend to check them out tonight, or from 3pm tomorrow (don't forget to say *Hi* if you spot me, donch shy, yah?), the spot where this is happening is the wall behind The Substation at Armenia Street, reachable by walking via the side alleyway beside the main entrance, or via the carpark behind, if you're driving.

Folks who are on bikes or scooter, if you happen to be there tonight, help shine your bike-headlights on the wall, for folks to snap pics, yo! (Tell'em TOYSREVIL sent you! LOL)



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