McDonald's "Happy Meal" MINIONS from "Despicable Me 2"

I started this Thursday morning dropping by my neighborhood McDonalds and snapping the above pic(s), but not really procure the figures - as I was both in a rush for a medical appointment, and that my "interest" for the Minions waned quite a bit, since my fervor for them last week (I have a short attention span) … so I left them as-is.

Half a day later, I went back to the venue, and the figures have changed, and I did not think too much of it, and decided to give it a go and see if I could purchase them without the need to buy a Happy Meal. It was a failed attempt.

Essentially, they come FREE with a Happy Meal purchased, and you can buy a MAXIMUM of THREE different Minion figurines, with 3 Happy Meal combos. Or you could just buy one, no biggie. So I snagged my trio and was happy as beans … until I found out later, what I missed in the morning, has since been SOLD OUT?

Regardless, I'll be having fun with these three dudes for a bit, before I onside getting the rest (Laura from Rivet Gallery clued me into the upside-down-on-the-head-Minion being unavailable in the U.S., so that got my attention LOL). Here are some videos showcasing what they do, and please don't mind me horrid teeth ;p


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