"Gatchaman" Live-Action Movie Suits on display in Shibuya, Tokyo

"To advertise the upcoming release of the Gatchaman movie, Toho has the newly designed team’s suits out in public display in Shibuya, Tokyo.

If you are in Tokyo any time soon, you can go see them outside the 109 Men’s department store building in Shibuya, located a two minute walk from the train station. "
Reported henshinjustice.com - along with these swell images of the suits, which reminded me of a pseudo "contest" recently, when I asked readers which series they would like to be made into toys, and against the anime "Gatchaman Crowds", the live-action film won! so this is how the suits look … and ohgawds but do I HATE the "riot-police-styled" helmet visors! Gimme back the "bird-beaks" from the classics, can???



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