New 'Rude Coppers' & 'Laugh Now' from Apologies To Banksy (#Banksy Toys)

Toy makers Apologies To Banksy has been hunkering down of late, working on tweaking their figures, and as well developing new ones, and now presents a modified RUDE COOPER and introduces a new model, LAUGH NOW - all based on the wall mural characters by infamous street artist known as "Banksy"!

"The modified 4" Rude Copper now comes with a glossy finish in a variety of colours where his 6" bigger brother is smoother, softer & whiter than its predecessor." -mentioned David of ATB, "Banksy’s Rude Copper is one of his most iconic images. It’s a punk subversion of the British Police Officer being a member of the Establishment. Giving the middle finger to capitalism and the hierarchical bureaucracy raising the game in highlighting what all quite frankly us common folks think of the problems within society today.

Banksy’s Rude Copper has a special place in our hearts as it was one of his first commercial prints. We loved it so much we made it into a toy. Our new 4″ Rude Coppers come with a glossy finish in a variety of colours. The previous matt versions will no longer be available."
"We are really stoked with our new figure, Laugh Now. Standing at 6" allows not only customization of the figure, but also the boards allowing complete flexibility to display something different.

The packaging has also been modified which also includes foil bags for all figures."
-shared David of ATB.
Rude Copper "White" in 6" is priced at £12.99, while the 4" is blindboxed at £7.99 (limited edition printed figure of 500 pieces). "Laugh Now" is available at two editions: Regular DIY White @ £14.99 and Limited Edition @ £24.99 (Previously featured).

"Another classic image we had to make into a toy. The instantly recognisable original with “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge” printed on the sandwich board can now be customized to display any message, drawing or image.

Following Banksy’s residency on the streets of New York in October, we have made available a limited edition of only 500 boards printed with the official Banksy NY residency souvenir T-shirt. If you want a piece of unofficial memorabilia to commemorate Banksy’s residency on the streets of New York, this is it."
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