Preview Peeks at Andrew Bell's Work for "Factory Strangers" - Opening April 4th @ Stranger Factory

So Andrew Bell has been busy - extremely busy, in fact - for the past few weeks, leading up to his solo show "Factory Strangers" at Stranger Factory, opening April 4th. Here's a look, a recap if you will, of what he'll have on show, along with whatever names and info I could scour his IG @deadzebrainc for anyway haha

"Environmental Impact Team Beta" seen above, with the smaller member sized about 3 ½” tall with his dome. I am intrigued with what the "Resistor(s)" function as exactly … each character and dioramic piece for the show seems to have a "job", other than being a "character", IMHO. The nam of the show "Factory Stranger" no doubt offers up a thematic direction, methinks! *iLIKE*

The "Extraction Station" featuring wood-craft items, and busybusy workmen pushing trolleys of bottled "Soul Juice"? LOVING the concept of mixed media / materials, and the notion of a dioramic display.

Not forgetting two-dimensional drawings as well, which folks would associate with Andrew's work collective seen on and on the www :)

I'm personally pretty excited for the show, as you plainly see with the abundance of images posted here LOL ... "Factory Stranger" launches April 4th and exhibits thru April 27th, 2014.