"Dennis Rodman" in 1/6 from Storm Toys

I'll have you kids know I was actively searching for a "Dennis Rodman" 1/6 headsculpt once upon a decade ago, simply because it would have been a hilarious add to my collection! Truthfully, expectations were not met, but I was successful in my toy-hunt anyways :)

Coming soon from Storm Toys in Hong Kong, and only available for online pre-ordering, is DENNIS RODMAN in 1/6, and it's a "official licensed" release too!

Available in two editions: Exclusive Standard Pre-order Package (Priced at US$214.99 - Includes an exclusive additional Make-up Head Sculpt), and Exclusive 2-body Pre-order Package (Priced at US$264.99 - Includes two bodies, and an exclusive additional make-up head sculpt) Pre-orders begin May 15, 2014 and will require full deposit. Expected ship date 4th-quarter 2014. So now you can bing along your figure when you enter Nrth Korea, to pose with the sights! MUAHAHAHAHA

"Dennis Rodman was the most influential superstar in the 90s, with the outsider image; his hair, tattoo, piercings, became fashion icon. He is also the best rebounder in NBA history, won five time NBA Championships, Basketball Hall of fame, and known as “The Worm” and “The Bad Boy”,

Storm Collectibles is proud to be an official licensed company exclusively present the 1/6th scale Dennis Rodman Collectible Figure specially crafted based on his image in the mid 90s, highlighting the two set of highly-accurate head sculpt, ten pieces of changeable iconic patterned hair sculpt, and three set of his iconic outfit, and more..."

The 1/6th scale Dennis Rodman Collectible Figure specially features:

Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Dennis Rodman in his fashioned style during the mid 90s
Real-like facial expression
Real-like facial expression with smiley face (teeth shown)
10 pieces of interchangeable Dennis iconic pattern hair sculpture
Approximately 35 cm tall
Muscular body with Dennis actual tattoos in the mid 90s
11 pieces of interchangeable palms
1 set of casual suit including
one (1) outer jacket, one inner long sleeve
White shirt and 1 pair of jean
1 Sleeveless feather long jacket
1 Iconic sliver-shine vest
1 Pair of golden color pants
1 Pair of USA flag boxer
1 Black belt
2 pairs of shoes
10 different colors of changeable iconic hair sculpture
1 Pair of sunglasses
Figure stand with Dennis Rodman nameplate
# Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
# Product details could be subjected to change without further notice

Release date: Q4 2014