BanaNa ViruS for #STGCC2015 Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (Sept 12-13)

Taiwan designer known as BanaNa ViruS will be boothing up alongside his Genesis4 artist comrades at Artist Alley booth AA76 & AA78 for this coming weekend's Singapore Toy, Games & Comic-Con (Sept 12-13), with THESE goodies for you to snag!

(Above) Introducing the BREAKING BEAR! The design philosophy for this new item is based on cloth doll bear seen in "the third quarter of the Breaking Bad" television series. Only 3 pieces will be made available at SG$75 per (via Detention Barracks). This handmade edition each measures 6.3cm tall.

Future versions in Gray will include a 1/10 "chase" edition.

(Above) LOIC Bear Keycharms exclusive to OZZO Collection, totally 40pcs, with prices as yet determined. Available in Red and WHITE colorways, each featuring mild paint splatters in white and red, respectively.

(Above) Multi-colored LOIC Bear Keycharms, in 8 x colorways, totally 100pcc, each priced at SG$17 per.

(Above) The latest colorway for LOIC Bear in collaboration with INSTINCTOY sees this 21cm tall vinyl in "Green Apple" flavor, with glow-in-the-dark! This edition is in a run of 100pcs, half allocated to INSTINCTOY/Japan, and half to Banana Virus himself.

Available at STGCC for SG$100 per, expect between 5 to 10pcs to be for sale here!

I have been eyeing this vinyl for a very long time now, since's it's metallic magenta launch in 2014 … here's hoping I can afford to bite the bullet and afford one this year! LOL

(Above) BLACK BAT mobile keycharm is sized 3.5cm, limited to 66pcs made, with 20pcs available in Singapore (26pcs in South Korea, 20pcs in Taiwan). Priced at SG$22 per.

In addition to STGCC, BanaNa ViruS will also be exhibiting at Detention Baracks (alongside SHON Side and Skull13) and this is his Artist Message to share (in both original Mandarin, and my translated version);
BanaNa ViruS SAYS: "在最近製作客製作品中, 讓我有了一個最純粹的想法: 就是不加太多的改變與修飾, 完全只表現作品的本身, 只用最簡單的方式呈現我想表達的概念
這或許在眾多展示品中並不突出, 又或許會顯得單調. 但我想因該會是最值得細細品味與最耐看的一件作品吧!?

作品本身代表著街頭藝人拿著"請用行動支持藝術創作者"的牌子, 不管是街頭藝術或是個各藝術領域的創作者們;

有了你們的支持 我們可以走的更長遠
有了你們的支持 我們可以做出更好的作品
有了你們的支持 我們將會作出更偉大的作品
而這件對我很有意義的作品將在新加坡db展展出, 希望你們會喜歡!!!
TOYSREVIL TRANSLATION (Thanks to Google Translate too :p): "In the course of my journey in recent custom works, I had developed an idea to present the "purest idea" of my art, that which is to not add too many changes and modifications to my designs.

On the strength of the original work itself, presenting it in the impels concept I want to express, which no doubt come across as "simplistic" or even "monotonous" to folks, but I think would be worth savoring it as it may be more engaging?

The image I share represents a street artist with a "Please support art creators with action" sign. Whether it is street art or a different art fields creators;

With your support, we can take a longer journey.
With your support we can make better works.
With your support we will make more great works.
Therefore, as artists we also need your support!"