#throwbacktoythursday: Collecting Toys Before & How It Led To The Now

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... before "urban vinyls" and 1:6 figures, there were blister carded toys, when I first started my toylife, no doubt no different from collectors starting in the 90s ... when Marvel superheroes and #XMEN gripped my attention, especially when I was as fanatical with comicbooks! Not forgetting DC's Batman and various other comicbook-based properties (than say, #StarWars, He-Man and MOTU et al), for me personally.

I remembered the 90s period being a generation of wonders, where your heroes lept off the 4-color pages and into your hands, table tops and display shelves. Before the advent of McFarlane's SPAWN and Image series figures, we'd not been fascinated much about sculpts (no doubt different from folks who had collected cold cast statues et al), decently contented with what we had and could own … personally I think after Spawn toys came, folks expectations grew. and were hungrier for more "realism" in the palm of your hands, and with that desire somehow lost the wonder of what TOYS were, along the way, perhaps …

Ironically for me, the advent of "urban vinyls" and subsequent "art toys"-aesthetics became a source of "rebellion" versus the realism that prevailed in mass toys, again, for me personally. What about YOU?

Decades later, they still remain boxed up and stored in my toy-hoard I call a "collection", and now represents a period in my toy-collecting past I somehow cannot relinquish ... Hell, I don't even know if anyone would ever want to buy them hahahaha #toystories #toymemories #throwbacktoythursday #snappedoffaphotograph