1000Tentacles @ #STGCC2015

Spotted at the "1000Tentacles" (www.1000tentacles.com) booth in Artist Alley at STGCC were a schweet lineup of sculpts featuring The Missing Link line-up (seen above / available for Pre-Order only), and Star Wars Series 2 … also seen front-n-center was the event exclusive "Yoga Monkey" (I've been thinking of this chap a little too often after the event ended :p) … Simply put, the images we see (and I post online) does not do the art sculpture justice, especially for "The Missing Link", as they are more detailed and amazing in person, IMHO.

A single line display side-by-side display of their sculpts, with the back-panels showcasing their drawings and illustration - where I'd kicked myself silly now for missing out on purchasing his art-book (always wanted to), and alas for missing a grip of images snapped at STGCC, which included chunks of the Missing Link figure-pics!

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I had a decent chat with Malaysia-based artist, Leong Wan Kok, about the possibilities of mass producing his sculptures (and hence reduced prices for cheapskate-schmucks like myself, I am painfully ashamed to say), and of his craft as an artisan still, and not being a "businessman" - which in this day and age remains a struggle for some artists, perhaps? The mass multiples notion is so ingrained in "art toy" culture versus the "one-off" at piece...

In that respect, perhaps there may yet be a compromise? A keychain charm perhaps? Multiple colored resin casted sculpts? I look forward to what it all may evolve into :)

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As a bonus for this blogpost, we have images of a brand new "Bonus Character" from "The Missing Link" story - specifically of the stage where the kiddo has the parasite-fish clung unto him, before he "turns"!
"Once the parasitic fishy found its host, it sticks on victim's backbone, injecting acidic fluid n within seconds, the metamorphosis process takes place, transforming the kiddo into a lake monster..."
Folks interested are to contact him direct on Facebook (via FB Message), and he'll get back to you with details!

SIZED: Kido :4.5cm(W) x 10.5cm(H)
Stand: 6.5cm(H)