ALMOST THERE!! by Jerry Teo for "Southern Winds" group tribute art show at GLITCH SG

Almost There!! by Jerry Teo
Height: 420mm / 11.7"
Width: 297mm / 16.5"
Paper: 290gsm Entrada Rag / Premium 100% cotton paper

The SOUTHERN WINDS group art show has ceased exhibition at GLITCH SG yesterday Oct 11th, but prints for the show can still be had online at

I had hoped to do a series of Q&As and features with select artists for their art, but alas I do not have direct contacts with artists, save for a good buddy Jerry Teo, whose "ALMOST THERE!!!" print can still be purchased online for US$35 per. Meanwhile, here's a lil'Q&A, along with some WIP-snaps to share!

TOYSREVIL: What was the inspiration / theme of the artwork you did?
JERRY TEO: "Inspiration and theme was about flight. I knew from reading somewhere the great Mr Miyazaki is obsessed with flying and flight. Which was one of the reasons why there are plenty of flying machines and critters in the feature animation he directed.

My idea was to put together all the flying protagonists and have them go on a journey together - in flight. I did contemplate adding the Mitsubishi Zero in the background from The Wind Rises - but I also remembered Miyazaki's anti-war rhetoric. Some friends argued that movie was anti-war (which I agree) but the Zero was and maybe still is a symbol of imperial japanese ambitions, so I left it out."

TOYSREVIL: What is Studio Ghibli to you?
JERRY TEO: "Studio Ghibli has always and quite possibly will always be a source of inspiration. From an artistic/aesthetic point of view, the visuals make any fan well up with emotions. You could look at it from a technical point of view and shed a tear at the craftsmenship. You can look at it from a "feels" point of view and get inspired.

From the craft and work ethic point of view - We learn about passion for storytelling, pushing your limits as an artist, testing your content on mass market, getting the business to work, branding and etc etc. Its just such an important establishment within the industry that it would be foolish to write off Ghibli on any level, personal or professional."
TOYSREVIL: Sweet art! And thanks for the Q&A, Jerry!