Bootleg Releases by Angry Koala Gear x Obscure for #TucsonComicCon + #DesignerCon

Matthew "Obscure" Perez (Instagram @obscureakg / FB) sends word of two bootleg releases coming our way, starting with the "El Chewguaro", which is a Tucson Comic Con release. They are an Angry Koala Gear x Obscure collaboration - featuring a Chewbacca X Cactus mash up, which Matt says "…is fitting for a Tucson release." Limited to 12 pieces and priced at US$25 each.
BACKSTORY: ""The story of El Chewguaro is legendary. He fights for the freedom from El Imperio and his mission is to destroy the Estrella de la Muerte.""

The other bootleg release is named "Blackula Calrissean" = a mash up of Lando Calrissean and Blackula. Available at DesignerCon through DKE toys, he will be limited to 10 pieces and will retail for US$40 each.
"He comes from the deepest parts of the ghetto. He was visited by a space vampire, known as Darth Feratu. After bitten, Darth Feratu locked him away in a coffin. He eventually woke up on an alien planet in the clouds. He is now on a mission to find that jive blood sucka that turned him." (FYI: This is also an Angry Koala Gear x Obscure collaboration)