Bowo Baghaskara & Alympu for The Toy Project @ #STGCC2015

Indonesian artists/customizers Bowo Baghaskara and Alympu were invited artists by The Toy Project and they were hosted at their STGC-booth, with their works displayed for all folks to gawk at!

Posted here are some select images (while all of them can be found on this dedicated Facebook album), along with some words of their impressions of being in Singapore! Next up for this pair of artists? Indonesia Comic Con!

"… actually this is my first time go to Singapore, and my first time too to attend toys convention in another country.

For me, SGTCC is one of the event I want to go, because I have heard alot from friends that (had) come there, that there's so many cool stuff in one place! And this year I have had an opportunity to not only come to STGCC, but also to exhibit my work! Awesommee!!

Im so excited about SGTCC 2015, 'cause there are so many artists and coolll stuff, which before I could only see on the web or social media, but now I can see it in the flesh! I also met lots of creators and Artist from other countries, share experiences and learn new stuff, and all this made me realize that there are soooo many talented people out there, and I still need to improve my skill :)

Overall I really enjoy this event, had a great time here, and wish I can back here next year :)
- shared Alin / Alympu (IG @alympu / Facebook)

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"STGCC 2015 is first time for us, Either for coming / for Exhibition. This year is lucky for us to get a chance to join one of greatest Toy Event in Asia, and we want to say a big Thanks to The Toy Project for Inviting us!

Honestly we know about how the crowd is, and that many artists come to STGCC, even though we only watched videos from youtube and read from your blog (Toysrevil) - and that made us really excited for coming and to join this Event.

Day-1 in STGCC was very crowd, and we were very busy in booth - too many people came, commented about our toys, met new buyers and some new Friends in Sing. This is awesome & great, and I hope Next year Will coming & Join again in STGCC, And meet you again My bro Andy (Thanks for Support & great your Kindness).
- shared Bowo Baghaskara ( / IG @bowobaghaskara / Facebook)

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When Indonesia Meets Taiwan (L-R): ALympu / Skull13 / Bowo / SHON SIDE!


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