Call for Entries: "TOYSREVIL HALLOWEEN 2015 Webzine"

"TOYSREVIL HALLOWEEN 2015 Webzine" is essentially a collection of Halloween / Horror themed imagery (illustrations / photos / custom-toys) stockpiled in a single online issue readable for FREE for anyone across the globe! The specific theme for this issue, is "CUTE OR DEATH"! Interpret this as you may!

You can draw it / illustrate it / ink it (as part of #inktober too! *hint-hint*), or take a photo (of your suitably-themed toys), or showcase your suitably-themed customized art toy(s).

Selected images will be "published" in a dedicated issue and released in time for (or shortly after :p) Halloween. I did it last year with *I Like Toys*, but I am bringing it back to TOYSREVIL-branding this cycle :)

Email me submissions / images at "toysreviler [at]". The format I am going for is A4-sized, so high-res images are sized accordingly. Black and White, or in full Color, Landscape or Portrait, or Square = your choice!

As I am woefully under-graphic-techniques-inclined, I accept JPGs and (possibly) TIFs, so I can photoshop them for online publishing. (Please do pardon my lack of editorial deign sense, in advance :p).

Deadline/Timeline: October 25th, 2015 (I need time to do the layouts, people ~ lol), for an October 30th Roll-Out!

Also include the following:
01. Your Name / Nick (Used for publishing)
02. Your URL(s)
03. A short write up / story of your image (Optional).

Got it? Go For It!

Terms & Conditions:
- Copyright of Image belongs to the artists submitting said image(s).
- By submitting your image(s), you have given TOYSREVIL the express permission to publish your works online in both the "TOYSREVIL HALLOWEEN 2015 Webzine" and for promotional purposes.
- There will be zero monetary compensation for your submissions in this cycle, thank you (But you will get #MANHUGS from me).
- Final Editorial Discretion is mine, thanks.
- Terms & Conditions subject to change.
- In the event that there are not enough content for an issue … aaahhhh I'll fill it somehow with my own stuff and doodles LOL