Clutter Exclusives for #NYCC2015 (Part 2)

Clutter has announced that the Pink edition of Pobber's 3-inch tall PACO TACO will be made available exclusively from Clutter Magazine's NYCC booth #603 for US$35 apiece! Limited to only 50pcs = #iWANT!

The Sucklord's "Gay Empire" bootleg figure has been JUMBO-sized into an 8" resin figure (FYI: regular version's sized 3.75") and comes in a large blister package measuring 18" high and 14" across (using a giant slab of thick wood covered in a shiny coat of clear resin to act as the backing card).

Limited to 10 pieces and priced at US$350 apiece.

4-inch tall custom-painted NENNE by Candie Bolton are limited to 3 pieces, each priced at US$120 apiece.
"Cast in soft vinyl, these Cotton Candy Nenne pieces have been hand-painted with Monster Kolor and gouache before having a glossy, pearly finish applied."
PRODUCT PRESS: "The first in a series of Quiccs' Bulletpunk characters to appear in realistic proportions on the 1:18th scale format, [The Real] TEQ63 stands around 4-inches tall and comes packaged inside a resealable clamshell blister pack on a card. Made in an exclusive Clutter Magazine Pink Edition, only five copies of this piece will be available at New York Comic Con from Clutter's NYCC booth #603 for $35 apiece!"

Monotone Edition of TROUBLE TROUBLE by DabsMyla x Munky King is limited to an edition of 100 pieces at US$80 apiece.
PRODUCT PRESS: "Featuring 7.5" tall dynamite stick Mr. Freddy Powerful and his best buddy, the lit match Little Sparky, this vinyl figure set harkens back to the Golden Age of American animation, so what would be more appropriate than a Monotone Edition?"
PRODUCT PRESS: "Luke Chueh's "Everyone Needs A Lot of Head" makes its debut appearance! Produced by Clutter, cast in white vinyl and made entirely in the U.S.A., these Bear heads are BIG (Human head sized)! 7.5" tall, 8.5" wide, and 7.5" deep, Chueh's classic Bear Head design comes in two editions for this initial release!

Painted: A hand-painted rendition for $60 apiece, made to emulate Chueh's own paint style.
DIY: The first release of the vinyl DIY blank, for only $40 apiece.
An extremely limited number of these will be available for this debut release, happening at this year's New York Comic Con and exclusively available from release producer Clutter Magazine's NYCC booth #603."