#Inktober2015 Artist Spotlight: Kelvin Chan

TOYSREVIL: Do you have a particular THEME for your Inktober this year? Do you have a particular preference of illustration/style?
KELVIN CHAN: "I don't really have a theme, I just know I have to do a drawing a day, its more like what ink style I want to try out, brush pen, felt pen, wash, copic markers etc. I also use this challenge as a chance to TRY new illustrations styles or shadow, rendering techniques."
TOYSREVIL: Please share with us your "tools" you use for your sketches.
KELVIN CHAN: "This year I've limited myself to just a refillable Pentel brush pen, an unknown Chinese felt tip pen from a art shop in Sunshine plaza I found by accident. and I limit myself to only 2 grades of Copic warm greys per drawing, either w5 and w7 or W4 and w6.
TOYSREVIL: Which is your personal favorite illustration you did for Day 1-10?
KELVIN CHAN: "Crow Maiden - which I used a X750 fountain pen fitted with a chrome Zebra nip. That one is special because Teoh lent the pen to me "

New video 'Crow maiden' for #inktober 11

Posted by Kelvin Chan on Sunday, October 11, 2015

TOYSREVIL: Folks should go check out Kelvin's dedicated Facebook album for Inktober, and as well his other www-locales @ rocketraygun.com + rocketraygun.deviantart.com!