Previews of Customs for JOUWE CUSTOM SHOW 2015 @ Lou Belle Shop

Designed by Marine Ramdhani and produced by My Tummy Toys, the newly sized 3" tall JOUWE resin figure first made it's public debut at Jakarta Comic Con, back in early September, and now there will be a group custom show - based on said Jouwe - to be held at Lou Belle Shop, in Bandung, Indonesia! And while we await further "official" event details of this show happening in "early November", here's a look at a few customs teased online so far for the show!

Custom by TheGoodHabit (IG @thegoodhabit)

"DEAD ASTRO" Jouwe custom by Silvia Tampi (IG @silviliciouss)

Above: PHINK PHANTOM by Alympu (IG @alympu)

"Stormtrooper Jouwe" custom by WΞLKID™ (IG @welkid)

Above: "The Incredible Jouwe" by Bowo Baghaskara (IG @bowobaghaskara)

Jouwe Titan by Gunawan Esa Prasetyo (IG @graphic_gunawan)

Above: WIP by Abell Octovan of MyRoyalEgo (IG @abell_octovan)

GENESIS: "…the idea actually started when my friend's clothing brand did some collaboration for Jakarta Comic Con, and he wanted me to make something not just only for collaboration but also for selling something, the Brand is called Ouval; an old local brand …" - shared Marine Ramdhani
The initial concept at JCC was to purchase a t-shirt, and get a 3-inch Jouwe for free, while some were also made to specifically give to friends n Jakarta to customize it … but there were no plans then to do a custom show … and as Marine added; "… as you know that until now, Jouwe never had any custom show in Indonesia…"

And the next thing you know, the response got bigger, and an additional 20pcs were made for folks to work on (none for sale, btw), and the rest is poised for "history"!

Stay Tuned To TOYSREVIL, folks!