REAL ARTION PUZZLE by Artion Association to launch at #TTF2015 Taipei Toy Festival

"Art in Action
Save your Collection"

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Imagine if you will, a gathering of Hong Kong designers and artists in recent generations, working together to produce and preserve art toys … imagine no more, for the collective exists now in "Artion Association"! And their first product is poised to invade our toy-consciousness, starting from Taipei Toy Festival 2015! Booth A101 is where all it begins...

"REAL ARTION PUZZLE" is essentially a combination of different creators' individually stand-alone vinyl figures - who themselves have 3 x interchangeable parts - coming together to form a much larger figure, with interchangeable parts from said "smaller" vinyl figure!

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So far we have seen the combined figure, now we take a closer look at the individual pieces, created Ryan Lee (of Rumbell), William Tsang, Eric So, Kenny Wong, Ben Lam, and Leo from Unbox Industries (who clued me into this at STGCC)!

3 basic colorway editions revealed thus far: Yellow, Blue and Clear, with Red being used for the "main body". Kooks utterly exciting and hopefully I'll be able to "play" with it one day!

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"Every collector, like you, understands thoroughly on the true value of your collectible which must be more costlier than it seems, including the historical background, artistic valuation, culture and the spirit of creation, etc. We believe you must treasure your belongings very much and you should know about them much more than us. For the sake of your collections, we create a simple-and-easy system of language with interactive operation processing style for you. Just input the name of the designer, the year the designer toy produced and all the detailed informations are recorded. From now on, we can check and search every local designer and his profile in a fast and efficient manner, just take a glance and you can seize all the informations." (Read more on

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