Taipei Toy Festival 2015 - Day Zero Booth Snaps

TTF 내일부터! #TTF2015 #TTF

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At this stage in my toylife and real-life, my one destination aim, would be Taipei Toy Festival 2015. Close second; "Toy Soul" in Hong Kong, and possibly "Art Toy Culture" in Korea.

It is plain simple "economics". I am more likely to be able to afford going to, and staying in Taiwan, anywhere in Asia, in fact, than I would be able to survive in the United States. Nearly a decade of longing for SDCC, and subsequently NYCC, has become a simple pipe dream faded with time. DesignerCon remains an "dream-desti" still, but I know I am choosing to be naive at this point too… Barring an all-expenses-paid trip, I have no choice but to enjoy them via online resources, simple … "soul-crushing", but simple, really.

While this is hardly a "declaration of destination-intent", it serves as an interesting notion of motivation as I scour thru the www for images of booths since set-up on the day before the doors open to Taipei Toy Festival 2015 @ HUASHAN1914 CREATIVE PARK (No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan) - because what else could I do, a decade in, but look at dressed-up display booths and windows at geek-cons I have not visited?

Tomorrow I look for dressed-up booths for New York Comic Con instead! Happening the same weekend as TTF, but thank goodness for timezone differences LOL

Remember to state your Booth #in your IG pics, people!

And for all friends and folks at TTF?
Happy Toy Hunting and Happy Sales!


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A photo posted by winsonape (@winsonape) on

All ready for Taipei Toy Festival. Booth A89. Be there. Tomorrow. #taipeitoyfestival #ttf2015 #thedanielyu

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See you guys tomorrow @kurobokan booth A90 - Taipei Toy Festival #ttf2015 #kurobokan

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Day one #TTF2015 officially begins. Come and visit our booth A90 #taipeitoyfestival2015 #kurobokan

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Other accessories :) #fluffyhouse #TTF2015

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UAMOU AT TAIPEI TOY FESTIVAL Paradise Toys booth A11 and A12

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Just finished setting TTF booth up!! See you tomorrow!! BlackBook Toy and blackdots booth are A20.

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#TTF いよいよ明日からよ。

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TTF! #ttf2015 #capduck #shonside #tomenosuke

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Kennyswork @ TTF

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