THE DARK SIDE by artmymind on pre-order now!

Currently on pre-order here is this absolutely amazing looking THE DARK SIDE by the duo of Julia & Guillaume Lachambre AKA artmymind!

Launched for pre-order since Oct 9th (Paris time), they will be available for 72 hours in the store for USS450, so if these images tempt you, do NOT linger on your decision any longer!
DESCRIPTION: "Coming in a limited edition, those beautiful hand sculpted figures standing just over 8 inch, are a mashup of feudal samurai armour with some pop culture signature.

Each figure is individually produced and hand painted with love by Artmymind. It also features a handsome coat, hand tailored with original Japanese fabrics. Equipped with a stylised katana, this impressive warrior is ready to slash through the mightiest foes."


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