#throwbacktoythursday: TOYSREVIL-Edition Toys for Ten Years

Today's #throwbacktoythursday is dedicated to all the TOYSREVIL-Edition exclusives I have had the honor and pleasure of sharing with folks, thru my decade in bloggery on this humble blog!

I was taking images of my toy-shelf for use as a Cover Pic in one of my Facebook pages, and decided to take all 4 shelves of the sole open display I have in the TOYSREVIL HQ ("SAD", I know, right?), with this being the currently space to display all of the TRE-Editions! #RedIsGood #REDisAWESOME

Although I do not have ALL of them - some where gifts from their makers / designers / artists (bless them all for their generosity), while some were paid for thru my own pocket (no comment), but they are a neat and tidy bunch of awesomeness, I insist!

I remember starting out blogging and want to design and release my very own TOYSREVIL-toy(s), and thru the years there have been "nearly-beens" to utterly-heart-broken happenings (I had ran out of man-tears and anguish haha) .... until a day when I had decided to relinquish that desire to produce my own designs (or rather the flame lingers but there is no deadline anymore), and instead reach out to collaborate with existing and practising artists instead, and offer THEIR works to be had by TOYSREVIL readers, and possibly their own fans!

At the end of the blog-day, if I'd looked back at the milestones I have achieved with the blog, then these TOYS would constitute a part of the achievements, for which I remain grateful to the artists involved, and sincerely humbled. THANK YOU ALL!

Looks like I have a "theme" for subsequent #throwbacktoythursdays, don't I? :)