RAMPAGE TOYS for #DesignerCon 2015

Jon Malmstedt over at RAMPAGE TOYS will be heading over to the United States for Designer Con 2015 (Nov 21-22), where he'll be boothing alongside Justin Hillgrove at Booth #918 and will be bringing along a hella tons f custom kaiju, some of which are previewed below!

Stay tuned to Instagram @jmrampage for updates!

- Revenge! Robo-Kesagake. Blank Black Playset (includes multiple omake and large print - in stamped canvas bag). First release. Edition of 10. $300
- 'Rotten DX' - RT x Triclops x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 10. $200
- 'Toxigon' - RAMPAGE x MVH. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Edition of 5. $350
- 'Alien Hunter X' - RT x MVH x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
- 'GNAW-X' - "Death Fetti Ver." RT x Plaseebo x SHB. RAMPAGE paint on black vinyl. Micro Run. $150
- 'HAG DX' - RT x MVH. limited number of BLANK BLACK vinyl figures. $100
- 'Alien Hunter DX' - GID guts. RT x MVH. Small micro run. $200
- 'Sleeping Negora' - RAMPAGE x Konatsuya. RAMPAGE Painted white vinyl base. Edition of 19. $40
- 'RAMPAGE x CLICK CRACK Guts Ugly Unicorn.' Amazing fabric guts, by textile artist Click Crack,in clear Ugly Unicorns. $100
- MAYBE - 'Uglier Unicorn' - micro run with cheapo silk screen t-shirt. New UU sculpt by SPLURRT! $50
- 'Soprano' - RAMPAGE x Cojica Toys. Yellow base vinyl with Tokyo colorway paints. Includes magnetic 'snack' omake. Edition of 10. $120
- 'Salary Diggler' - RAMPAGE x Splurrt x Skullheadbutt. RAMPAGE paint on mixed vinyl bases. 5 available. $150
- Assorted Blank and painted micros (Gachapon Goblins, Tanks, Cabriolets, Unicorns, TOFU!, Galaxy People Racers). $5-$10 each.
- BLOBPUS paint - Unicorn Tanks! $20 each.
- Assorted 'Kaibutsu Snack Packs' - Painted -$40. Blank - $20.
- Assorted blank Squeeky Toys! Labmice and Dinos. $10 each or 3 for $25.
- A few one-off figures - prices vary. Available randomly throughout the con.
- Other bits and bobs. Just come look!