If "money" was not an option? and I could choose
whatever I had wanted at #DesignerCon this year?

Pssst: This is a little "game" I play whenever I cover events on the blog, and do not have any mule(s) or means to get at the toys I blog about … THIS year, I share my personal list, with you folks! LOL

Based on collectibles thus far covered on the TOYSREVIL-blog, primarily non-blister carded toys (that'll take MORE than 10 x toy wants, fhanks :p) … so, presenting - in no particular order, this is my TOP TEN WANTS @ DCON

01. Jeremy Fish's Bison Van at 3D Retro Booth #532
02. Poison Pup by Frank Kozik x Toy Art Gallery @ the TAG Booth #1221
03. HEADSPACE BLACK Set by Luke Chueh x Munky King Toys @ the Munky King booth #435
04. Silver Alien by Super7 x Secret Base @ the Super7 Booth #406

05. ALL colorways of Mini Mockbat by Paul Kaiju x Unbox Industries @ the Unbox Industries Booth #722
06. Mechanics of Life by Doktor A x Luke Chueh x Munky King @ the Munky King booth #435
07. Kaiju Frankenstein by TOUMA x Nathan Hamill x 3D Retro @ the 3D Retro booth #532
08. Sleepymouse by Tasha Zimich @ Booth #1033

09. “Gay Empire” and “Sucklord” by Star Case x Suckadelic @ DKE Toys Booth #812
10. Painted Teenage Randall by Bwana Spoons @ Booth #1102

"TEN"? You think I'd be happy with only "10 x TOYS"? … if Kevin Luong's Kitty Sutra was released at DCon … i would LOVE to have a slice or two of Seymour's FRIEND OR FOE (but I forgot, "no blister carded toys on this list" :p) … if Dalek's Space Monkeys were for sale … Doktor A's Mandrake sofubi with TAG … about time I scored a Jermaine Rogers' CHOICES too … Scott Tolleson x Pobber Toys' Classic PacoTaco is calling out to me (but perhaps can still get after the Con) … am quite liking Flat Bonnie's adaptation of Leecifer's Honoo … and will def snag a GID PSYCHO BEAR … I could go on, but my toy-dreams will burst soon, and I'll be left a sad toy-lover again… every single year … :p

Have Fun @ DCon, folks!